Client Kampman OÜ
Year 2020
Service Website / SEO

1. Client

Kampman OÜ's main field of activity is plumbing in Southern Estonia. The company was founded in 2006 and so far the company has been able to develop strongly in Estonia. The aim of the project was to create a representative website for the company and also to bring the company page to the front page of Google with two keywords.

2. SEO

According to the company's field of activity, a keyword analysis was performed, and based on it, two keywords were selected to strive for the top of Google. Good SEO will also ensure cheap monthly costs in the future, such as paid Google Ads advertising.

3. Results

In a few months, Kampman was able to rise to the top of Google with keywords such as "plumbing in Southern Estonia" and "heating systems for private houses". As a result, the number of visitors and queries to the site increased dramatically.